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Imagine….the dazzling blues of the lagoons, the lush tropical foliage, the sweet scent of the Tahitian Gardenia. This is paradise. And from this paradise comes a range of products to protect and nourish your hair and body, and lift your spirits with their divine scent.

28 Jun '14

Frangipani - tropical icon

The frangipani is arguably one of the most recognisable symbols of the tropics. Used in floral leis and as offerings to the gods, the frangipani originated in South / Central America, but has become so entrenched in Polynesian culture that many people mistakenly believe that it is native to that region.

Known as Tipanie in Tahiti, the flowers are used decoratively and in preparations where their divine perfume can shine through. Although this is not the national flower of Tahiti, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise, so prevalent are the trees and imagery throughout her Islands.

The scent is heady and sweet, evoking warm nights and tropical sunsets. It uplifts the spirits, nourishes the soul, and is said to reduce anxiety with its calming effect. (Personally, I just love the smell!)

But the frangipani is more than just a pretty face! Used for centuries for its own soothing and moisturising properties, Monoi scented with frangipani makes for a silky, sensual oil, perfect for massage or as a decadent addition to your bath. Use it as your daily moisturiser and banish dry skin, or as a dry hair treatment to restore shine and lustre.