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Imagine….the dazzling blues of the lagoons, the lush tropical foliage, the sweet scent of the Tahitian Gardenia. This is paradise. And from this paradise comes a range of products to protect and nourish your hair and body, and lift your spirits with their divine scent.


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Studies And PropertiesMonoi Scientific Investigations
PDF document outlining the history and technical data of Monoi de Tahiti, together with the detailed results of a number of studies of the beneficial effects of Monoi on both skin and hair.
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The Monoi Institute
PDF brochure from The Monoi Institiute of Tahiti
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Application Guide
A further brochure offering suggested uses for Monoi de Tahiti
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Tamanu Oil
Study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science showing the properties of Tamanu oil and its effects on scars.
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Monoi Oil
The name “Monoi de Tahiti” designates the product made in French Polynesia and obtained by macerating fresh Tiare Tahiti flowers in refined Coprah oil. Coconuts of the Cocos nucifera variety must be grown on coral soil and harvested at a mature stage.
Tiare flowers (Gardenia Taitensis), handpicked as buds, must be used 24 hours of harvesting. According to local tradition, the maceration must last a minimum of 10 days and requires at least ten Tiare flowers per litre of refined oil.
The first cosmetic ingredient ever to have its authenticity and qualities confirmed by an Appellation of Origin (AO) certificate, Monoi de Tahiti offers a new level of guarantee for natural, ethical and active cosmetics.

Tiare Tahiti (Gardenia Tahitensis)
Tiare TahitiThe National Flower of French Polynesia, the Tiare is a precious source of active compounds and one of the most important plants in the traditional Polynesian pharmacopoeia - the Ra’au Tahiti. Maohi (ancient Polynesians) used it in preparations to treat migraine or earache, heal wounds or insect bites, and even cure certain types of eczemas*.
* Paul Pétard, Doctor in Pharmacy. Useful plants in French Polynesia - Haere Po no Tahiti Edition

Tahitian Coconut (Cocos nucifera)
Monoi de Tahiti is exclusively prepared with Coconuts grown on the coral soil of French Polynesia.
The life fruit of the South Pacific Islands is also the base ingredient of many medicinal and personal care preparations. A first pressing oil is obtained from its almonds after they have been carefully dried in the sun. It is then naturally refined to preserve its excellent organoleptic properties. The refined Tahitian Coprah oil benefits from a composition well balanced in short chain fatty acids and is highly praised for its remarkable silky and light feel.

Monoi de Tahiti Appellation d'Origine
The Appellation of Origin (AO) certificate has been obtained as a result of the work done by the Monoi Institute to establish the unique qualities the product derives from its ingredients as well as its geographical and cultural origin.
In cosmetics, the use of the AO label requires the use of minimum concentrations of Monoi de Tahiti which vary according to the type of product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my Monoi oil gone hard?
Like all natural oils, Monoi de Tahiti will become solid at a certain temperature, as it contains no artificial additives. If you live in cooler areas, you may find that your oil solidifies - this is a natural process and will not affect the quality of the oil. Simply place it in a glass of warm water for a few minutes and your oil will become liquid again. Don't try to reheat your oil in a microwave oven.

Why is my Monoi Oil cloudy & gluggy?
As above - your oil will start to solidify under around 24 degrees celcius. The cooler the temperature, the more solid your oil will become.

What can I do with Monoi Oil?

  •     Apply to still-damp skin after a bath or shower for day-to-day moisturising
  •     Pour a little in the bath for a truly sensual soak
  •     Rub a little oil through dry hair prior to swimming to protect the hair shaft
  •     Use as a hair masque – apply to damp hair and leave for 15 minutes before shampooing
  •     Massage - Pour a little oil into the palm of the hand, then rub hands together to warm the oil before applying to the body

What's that in the bottom of my bottle?
The signature of Parfumerie Tiki's Monoi bottles is the dried Tiare flower hand-placed into each 120ml bottle. This is why it has come to be known as 'Le Monoi avec la fleur', or 'The Monoi with the flower'!